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Academic Health Science Partnership in Tayside

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Level 10

Ninewells Hospital and Medical School



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Phone: +44 (0)1382 383140 *

*For Improvement Academy training enquiries please email or phone +44 (0)1382 740347.


Key information for calling NHS/Dundee University phones

  • Calling in from an external source add 3 in front of the extension number e.g. 83900, dial 383900
  • To call an NHS extension from a University phone, put a 2 in front of the extension number e.g. to call 36243, dial 236243
  • To call a University extension from an NHS phone, put 77 in front of the number e.g. to call ext 83900, dial 7783900
  • To use the bleep system from a University phone, dial 788


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Academic Health Science Partnership in Tayside is located on the Ninewells Hospital and Medical School site. AHSP Office is on Level 10 of the main Ninewells hospital building. It can be accessed via the main hospital entrance, using the lifts or the stairs behind the main Ninewells Hospital reception.    

For detailed travel directions to the Ninewells Hospital site, please click here.